That 12 Months May 22 2019

Many of you will have noted that we went a bit quiet between March 2018 & March 2019. Well, the very basic explanation is that life rather got in the way of fashion & a bereavement in Philmore's close family rather threw the year off kilter. Normal service is now resumed however so we feel it would be good to catch you up to all that's been happening since although it was a difficult spell, plenty happened !

The St Leonards boutique which essentially started as a 6 month pop-up in April 2017 is still going 2 years on and looking so splendid that other labels have even been visiting from London to do photo shoots in the building ( More details of such on the Instagram ) & the London boutique has had a major re-vamp !

Amongst the many events in the magical town of St Leonards that Philmore participated in during 2018 was the annual ' A Town Explores a Book ' which for 2018 focused on Dickens' 'Great Expectations'. Philmore designed an installation display dress for the event after taking advice from author, long time customer, & Charles Dickens' great great great grand daughter Lucinda Hawksley.

The dress incorporated text & passages suggested by Lucinda incorporated into the dress both visible & concealed& more was added over the course of the event. Suffice to say it fascinated many.

A lovely surprise occurred occurred during the Summer.... an award nomination !

Philmore had designed costume for Zikzira ( a Brazilian contemporary dance company ) for their show Outro Em Si in 2017. The show was a great success & was nominated for 5 2018 Sinpark Awards in Brazil for Best show, Best dancer, Best choreography, Best sound design & a nomination for Philmore for costume design. Ultimately the show won for Best show & Best dancer but not the other 3 so no statuette for Philmore's shelf this time but still a wonderful surprise to be recognised with the nomination .

Towards the end of the year we finally got the go ahead after years of campaigning for permission from the landlord , to install a window display facing onto the Thorpe Close part of Portobello market at the London store. This involved actually knocking down the back wall of the shop & was quite an operation but the result was worth it. We are now having to sharpen our window dressing skills.

If there was a design theme that emerged over the course of the year it was a rush of limited edition ranges & a return of the recycling lines constructed using vintage sportswear etc. These have often been instore only ranges because of their limited number so haven't appeared on the website's online store. To put this right we will soon add a ' from the shopfloor ' page here on the website which will feature pics of pieces which are limited run & one-offs primarily available from our physical boutiques. However, we will make it possible to message us to order them although they won't be on the main website shop page with full inventory etc like the main ranges ( of which there are many exciting new additions on the way ).

We'll be keeping this news blog updated from now on but don't forget to follow the instagram in particular since new pieces so often appear there first nowadays plus there are random pictures of Philmore on his balcony & pointing at cats etc !!