Elevator Print Organic Cotton T-Shirt layered version 1


In the legendary Art Deco apartment building where Philmore lives there is an old fashioned ( 1930s ) elevator. Every time he used it  Philmore couldn't help imagining the numbered floor buttons on the brass panel as shirt buttons so decided to print an image of it onto these cream organic cotton T-Shirts with the buttons running up the middle. But it didn't stop there

This version is a multi layer print using magenta , black and white inks and red lightning flashes all screen printed by hand.

No 2 in this variation are quite the same & the print has a rugged look with random fades etc.

many other variations are in the boutiques & the print has also found it's way onto a variety of garments becoming almost a motif of the label

For care these T-shirts can be machine washed at 30 degrees